Knowledge Capture Accounts Payable Application

The Knowledge Capture (KC) Accounts Payable application, provided OnPremise or in the Cloud, enables organizations to bring control, efficiency and cost savings to the handling and processing of invoices, purchase orders and credit notes. Combining invoice scanning with fully automated invoice data extraction and an out of the box invoice approval workflow, KC Accounts Payable Cloud ensures that financial documents are processed cost effectively, on time, every time.

Save on Accounts Payable Administration Costs and Increase Productivity

KC Online Accounts Payable

The Knowledge Capture® (KC ) Accounts Payable application incorporates the very latest image capture, Optical Character Recognition and content management technology. By utilising our Accounts Payable application you can seamlessly manage your whole accounts payable function, from initial processing through to approvals and archiving, while gaining results in increased productivity and impressive cost savings.

Less Intervention, More Control

Over 70% of all invoice processing costs are swallowed up by document handling and manual data entry, so it's no surprise that improving back office efficiency results in significant cost savings.

Realise the Benefits of KC Accounts Payable:

  • Invoice document scanning (from your location)

  • Free up staff to work on more productive tasks

  • Increase accuracy and eliminate erroneous payments

  • Improve financial transparency and controls

  • Maximise data security

  • Automatic invoice data extraction and validation whether it's on paper, email or fax

  • Electronic invoice distribution (workflow) with email notification for rapid online invoice approvals

  • Identification and management of invalid invoices (such as missing PO numbers, incorrect calculations and duplicated payments)

  • Automatic invoice archival, retention and disposition (destruction)

  • Audit trail of all invoice interactions

  • Improved vendor management

  • Improved visibility into AP liabilities

  • Improved process analysis and information control

  • Improved real-time reporting capabilities

Easily integrated with your existing financial systems without the need for coding, KC Accounts Payable has a track record of delivering a staggering 60% gain in staff productivity. And because it's an 'out of the box', cloud based solution you can enjoy the benefits of AP in no time, with minimal capital outlay.

Invoice Capture, Data Extraction and Validation

KC Online Accounts Payable

KC Accounts Payable begins with its ability to quickly and easily digitise physical and email invoices directly from your site, using industry leading imaging and image enhancement technology.

Once imaged, invoices can either be manually or automatically processed for data entry.

The KC Accounts Payable application delivers automated invoice header, line and footer information extraction, verified and validation eliminating the need for manual data entry and invalid invoice payments.

Achieving circa 70% out of the box data extraction accuracy, our Accounts Payable application self learns in order to automate processes, enabling efficiency with high volume extraction but low manual intervention.

What it Does

Thanks to inbuilt electronic invoice approval, KC Accounts Payable saves management time, whilst real time information flow provided within the Manager's Dashboard gives full visibility and control of all items in the system. Checking the progress on an invoice couldn't be faster where a full audit trail for each payment is available on screen, helping ensure robust financial compliance.

As well as enhancing financial controls, you can proactively monitor your 'days to pay' rating. And from a longer term perspective our solution allows you to comply with document retention rules while saving on storage costs. In fact back end functionality includes real time security protected access to all archived invoices allowing immediate recall and reprint, online faxing and emailing of invoices and credit notes, 24/7. Available with a fully secure offsite archiving facility as standard, KC Accounts payable provides an enhanced level of security for accounts payable files in terms of both access rights and disaster recovery protection.

Save Processing Time. Ensure Accountability.

By automating the collection, processing, and tracking of accounts payable, travel and expense, GL coding, and utility cost documentation, KC Accounts Payable standardizes disparate financial business content so that it may be analyzed and acted on quickly, bringing you unmatched time savings, error reductions, and the benefits of assured accountability.

Centralize collaboration. Streamline workflows.

Powered by the KC Cloud platform, access to Accounts Payable is consolidated within a central web portal, enabling streamlined collaboration between locations around business-critical AP and financial workflows.

Our user-friendly applications transform unstructured financial content from a costly struggle to a valuable advantage. From reducing complexity and process cycle times to minimizing data entry errors and exceptions, KC Accounts Payable will drive immediate productivity benefits and quantifiable ROI.

ERP/Finance Application Integration

KC Accounts Payable is designed with integration in mind. Whether it is invoice information lookups you are requiring or the final release of invoice information to your ERP/Finance system, KC Accounts Payable delivers this through its rich API and Web Services integration layer. Utilising minimal IT involvement, Integritie provide full application configuration and system integration assistance based on your unique application needs.

To discover how KC Accounts Payable can help your organisation cost effectively bring control and efficiency to the handling of invoices, contact us today for a free demonstration.

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