Knowledge Capture® Bulk Extractor

Knowledge Capture® (KC) Bulk Extractor is a highly flexible and cost effective software application designed to enable the quick and easy export of documents and the associated index records from Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions. KC Bulk Extractor provides out of the box software connectors to the industry leading ECM technologies including IBM FileNet, IBM Content Manager, SharePoint, OpenText and Hyland and many other ECM applications removing the risk of extracting documents and index.

Knowledge Capture provides a out of the box solution to Bridge to Cloud from historic ECM systems.

Some of the core functionality includes

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Rapid and Cost Effective Enterprise Content Management Migration

KC Bulk Extractor is a software application designed to enable organizations to quickly and cost effectively extract documents and index records from incumbent Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system and move to a new destination.

Utilising time proven ECM repository 'connectors', KC Bulk Extractor provides out of the box connectivity to the industry leading ECM technologies including IBM FileNet, IBM Content Manager, SharePoint, OpenText, Documentum, Hyland OnBase and other ECM solutions, delivering a zero risk cost effective solution to lift and shift documents from legacy incumbent ECM solutions.

Utilising a simple and intuitive Windows based graphical user interface, KC Bulk Extractor enables system administrators to perform either selective or bulk object/document extraction, in native format, to a designated File System along with all associated meta/index data.

Knowledge Capture Bulk Extractor delivers a broad range of 'out of the box' business benefits and capabilities including:

  • Out of the box connectors to industry leading ECM repositories

  • Documents are extracted in their native format

  • The Document index data is extracted in CSV or XML format

  • The Documents and Index data are released to a designated file system of your choice

  • Windows based Administrator application with easy to use graphical user interface

  • End to End full audit trail of all document extractions and movements, (successful and unsuccessful)

  • Ability to perform selective or bulk object/document extraction

ECM System 'Connectors'

In order to achieve a rapid and cost effective ECM system extraction, KC Bulk Extractor includes a range of 'out of the box' ECM connectors. Some of the connectors provided with KC Bulk Extractor include:

FileNet Cloud IBM Content Manager
  • IBM Content Manager (all versions)

  • IBM Content Manager OnDemand (all versions)

  • IBM FileNet Image Services and P8

  • Microsoft SharePoint 2010+

  • Hyland OnBase (all versions)

  • ECM Documentum

  • OpenText LiveLink

For customers with 'in house' or historic legacy ECM technologies, KC Bulk Extractor is a cost effective proven solution to enable the rapid and compliant document and index data extraction. Technical services to achieve this are provided on a time and materials basis.

Operating System Agnostic

KC Bulk Extractor can extract documents and meta/index data from a vast range of server hardware and operating systems by harnessing ECM manufacturer Application Programming Interfaces (API's), including IBM iSeries (AS/400), IBM pSeries (AIX), IBM zSeries (z/OS), Linux, Unix and all versions of MS Windows.

Bulk or Selective Document Extraction

KC Bulk Extractor can quickly and easily be configured to achieve a short-term compliance or business driven need for a tactical/selective object/document extraction or alternatively a high volume, bulk, document extraction for a mass ECM system extraction and migration, by utilizing a simple and intuitive GUI based administration application.

Native Object Extraction with Associated Indexing/Meta Data

To ensure a simple and seamless transition between ECM vendor solutions KC Bulk Extractor delivers all extracted objects/documents in their original native format. Alongside each extracted object/document, KC Bulk Extractor also provides a CSV or XML copy of the associated index/meta data enabling a true 'like for like' ECM system extraction and migration.

From Bulk Extraction to Bulk Loading

Having successfully extracted your ECM system objects/documents and index data, KC Bulk Loader can assist to achieve your end to end ECM system migration needs. Boasting a broad range of ECM connectors, KC Bulk Loader is designed to quickly and cost effectively 'bulk' load your exported ECM system objects into your new ECM system of choice, achieving a true 'end to end' ECM system migration capability.

One Simple Price

Unlike many expensive data migration services, KC Bulk Extractor is licensed on a simple and cost effective, per Bulk Extractor instance regardless of document volumes. Rather than having to 'guesstimate' ECM document volumes, KC Bulk Extractor enables migrations to take place cost effectively over a longer period of time, using just one application instance, or in the case of time critical extractions, utilizing multiple Bulk Extractor instances.

To discover how Knowledge Capture Bulk Extractor can cost effectively help your organization cut free from the 'handcuffs' of your ECM technology provider contact Integritie today for a free demonstration and no-commitment quotation.

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