Knowledge Capture Customer Portal Collaboration Room

The Knowledge Capture® (KC) Collaboration Room is a Customer Cloud Portal, (like or, a document sharing and collaboration application, enabling indivdual or teams of people to work securely and efficiently to store or update documents, also work on project related documents. Incorporating email and social media instant eMail notification function, the KC Customer Portal ensures the right document is with the right person at the right time, notifying users that new documents have been received.

Secure Team Based Rich Content Collaboration and Sharing

The KC Collaboration Room brings the power of electronic document management to project teams and collaboration groups.

Designed specifically to bring people and documents together,
The KC Collaboration Room delivers the foundational power of Cloud based document version control, check in/out and revisions with the ability to dynamically create project related 'Team Rooms', enabling colleagues to view, update, collaborative comment and share documents with project related team members.

The KC Collaboration Room ensures that project teams are always briefed with the very latest documents regardless of their point of origin. KC does this by incorporating the very latest document capture capabilities, intuitive on site document scanning, automatic eMail and/or attachment archival and enables users to utilize the 'drop box' like drag and drop functionality and seamless MS Office integration.

The KC Collaboration Room Cloud solution provides:

By harnessing the power of our Collaboration Room, content collaborators such as legal professionals, marketing executives and HR staff can pool documents together, track changes, share comments and always be in receipt of the latest versions. Additional module capabilities include:

  • 'Drop Box' like browser based document drag and drop with user defined Folders

  • Automated notification of new archived content ensuring you are always up to date with project documentation and content

  • Support for mobile devices (Apple and Android), to enable secure office and home working

  • Document check in/check out, version control and revision management

  • Dynamic creation of Team Rooms to enable real time document collaboration and sharing

  • Optional Records Management for legal records retention

'Drop Box' Like Archival with Automated eMail Notification

Our Collaboration Room begins with 'drop box' like document drag and drop archival functionality, enabling documents and any rich digital content to quickly and easily be captured and securely archived to a user defined folder structure.

KC further extends the power of 'Drop Box' by including the ability to send automated document archival eMail notifications.

By embedding URL links to the newly archived documents in the notification emails, application users and project teams are always aware of new project related content and can seamlessly and securely access documents from the simple click of a button.

By further harnessing the power of our Collaboration Room automated eMail notification, application users can start to automate typically manual and labour intensive tasks, document printing and distribution tasks such as payslip distribution, customer statement and billing notifications, company news updates and the release of annual accounts to shareholders.

KC Online Collaboration Room

Team Room Document Collaboration, Sharing and Comments

KC Collaboration Room includes the ability to quickly and easily create project based collaboration Team Rooms. Using the functionally rich KC browser based client, Team Rooms enable a team of project related users (internal or external) to upload, view, share and comment on project related documents, safe in the knowledge that only project/team appointed members can gain access to the documents.

To discover how KC Collaboration Room Cloud can help your teams bring control and efficiency to project related content, contact Integritie today for a free demonstration and no-commitment trial at

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