KC Online Content Analytics Cloud

Knowledge Capture® Online (KC Online) Content Analytics Cloud enables large quantities of unstructured Content from multiple data sources, such as social media messages, emails, SMS and text documents to be analysed in order to draw intuitive business insights and understanding. Using 'out of the box' analytical dictionaries, KC Online Content Analytics enables vast quantities of unrelated content to be automatically classified and categorised to enable straight through processing and unrivalled information insight gathering.

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Gain Insights From the Noise

KC Online Content Analytics Cloud enables businesses to gain new levels of insight, awareness and knowledge from the vast array of data in your organisation.

When you consider that over 80% of the information in your organisation is unstructured, such as documents, emails, faxes and social media messages, and are not currently part of your decision making toolkit, you then realise that many organisations are making business decisions blind folded based only on the 20% of data that is visible.

KC Online Content Analytics Cloud unlocks the unstructured data in your business by automatically understanding the structure, sentiment and associations of this data, enabling you to draw new levels of insights, trends and associations.

KC Online Content Analytics Cloud has 'out of the box' capabilities designed to expertly aggregate vast quantities of data to enable automatic information classification, categorisation and association. For example KC Online Content Analytics enables you to automatically identify 'trends' and reasons behind lost customers, enabling proactive customer retention versus reactive customer salvation.

Other 'out-the-box' business benefits and capabilities of KC Online Content Analytics include:

  • A single view of all business data e.g. documents, emails, fax and social media messages

  • Browser based to ensure secure access from any location

  • Connects to multiple internal and external data sources, across multiple locations

  • The ability to kick off workflow's once data has been classified and categorised

  • Automatic audit logging of user system interactions with the data

  • Visual dashboards to help bring insight quickly and efficiently with keyword highlighting

  • Automatically build relationships within data

  • Obtain critical insight to previously 'locked down' business data

  • Sentiment analysis

Visualise Data and Build Connections

The KC Online Content Analytic Cloud provides a new way to view data by using Natural Language processing, where keywords and phrases can be searched for, identified and analysed. The data can then be displayed through various dashboards highlighting connections between data, deviations and trends as well as links to the original documents showing exactly where the data originated from.

Content Analytics for Complaints Handling

The KC Online Content Analytics Cloud is completely integrated into the KC Online Complaints Module to enable businesses to identify and understand their customer's complaints, no matter the source. By using Content Analytics, the KC Online Complaints module is able to understand the sentiment and content of the message, which in turn enables specific complaints workflows to take place, ensuring the correct people are responding to the message. The Content Analytics Cloud is also used for all outbound communication, ensuring all business communication is compliant and meets the standards expected of the business.

Example Use Cases

The KC Online Content Analytics Cloud has numerous potential business use cases including:

  • Government - Crime analytics and Public Safety solutions for Police, security, intelligence and custom agencies

  • Insurance - Claims Analysis to improved reserve allocation, underwriting policy risk mitigation, payment optimisation and 360 view of the customer

  • Healthcare - Analysis to improve the clinical quality and patient outcomes along with operational efficiency

  • Commerce - Voice of Customer analytics and early insight into product quality issues

Combine the KC Online Content Analytics Module With the Wider KC Online Solution

The KC Online Cloud solution offers multiple other out the box modules which can be integrated with Content Analytics to improve business processes and insight. For example the KC Online Advanced Case Manager module can create cases automatically on the back of a complaint being sent to the business. Whether the initial communication is via email, social media or traditional formats, the Content Analytics module is able to understand and bring structure to the information in order to route the complaint through the correct business processes, improving efficiency and customer service.

To discover how KC Online Content Analytics Cloud can help your organisation gain new levels of business insight and awareness contact Integritie today for a free demonstration and no-commitment trial.

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