Knowledge Capture Human Resources Cloud

The Knowledge Capture Human Resources Manager application, provided OnPremise or in the Cloud, is a highly flexible and cost effective solution designed to bring control, cost savings, compliance and efficiency to the HR department's paper, documents and processes. Incorporating document scanning with secure electronic content management, KC HR Manager enables HR departments to capture and store the mountain of HR paper based documents whilst seamlessly incorporating legal document life cycle control, destruction and defensibility through HR Records Management.

The KC HR application includes a range of prebuilt applications including recruitment processes, new employee joiner processes, employee leaver processes and secure archive of employee digital files.

Included within the KC HR solution are four main modules

  • Recruitment process

  • Joiners on-boarding

  • Leavers exit process

  • Central digital file of all records

Release the Constraints of Physical HR Records

The Knowledge Capture® (KC) Human Resources Manager application releases the constraints of paper based HR documents and enables cost savings in released office real-estate and staff efficiency through rapid document search and retrieval. When utilised with our KC Records Manager application, KC HR ensures documents are archived for the desired legal period and automatically identified for disposition (destruction) as per the organisations legal record keeping policies.

The ability to capture, archive and legally retain HR documents is just the beginning. Incorporated into the KC HR application are a vast range of HR specific functional capabilities including:

  • Out of the box Recruitment, Onboard and Leavers processes

  • Secure document archival with rapid search and retrieval

  • Legal document life cycle management and defensible disposition

  • Fully incorporated Workflow/Case Management technology for HR process streamlining and regulating process adherence

  • Seamless integration with MS Office

  • Secure employee only settings to ensure only compliant access

HR Document Digitisation and Automatic Classification

The first step to HR efficiencies and cost savings is the conversion of physical HR records to digital images. Utilising industry leading document imaging technology KC HR enables HR documents to be scanned in house and either manually or automatically classified and indexed into our KC Cloud. Delivered as a fully managed and hosted Cloud or OnPremise service, KC's document imaging capabilities ensure that document scanning is simple and cost effective without requiring high initial upfront investment.

Document Life Cycle Management & Defensible Destruction

Where KC's HR application delivers real benefit is in its ability to securely and automatically control HR document life cycle retention and defensible destruction. Utilising best of breed Records Management technology with intuitive workflow processes, KC HR enables both electronic and physical documents to be manually or automatically declared as 'legal records'.

Once declared, legal records automatically follow the approved retention schedule ensuring that any record (physical or electronic) is retained for long enough to be compliant without creating a legal liability or unnecessary storage cost.

HR Folder Management and Rapid Document Search and Retrieval

The ability to quickly and easily search, identify and view HR documents is where KC HR excels.

Utilising powerful parameter based document search and retrieval or 'Google' like document content searching, KC ensures that your documents are never more than a few clicks away.

To help transition from physical HR document management to electronic, KC provides an intuitive folder based hierarchy and user interface which can mirror your existing file plan and at the same time introduce strict folder or document based security.

MS Office Integration

Included with KC HR is the ability to seamlessly integrate your local MS Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook) with the Cloud hosted KC document management repository. This provides all of the features, functions and folder hierarchy of the Cloud repository, such as Check In/Check Out, Browse, Version Control, Favourites and Archival seamlessly through your local MS Office application.

KC HR also delivers a pre-configured, intuitive, document review and approval workflow ensuring that any HR documents are always reviewed and signed off prior to release to staff or the public.

HR Document Collaboration

In today's busy and global HR practices it is essential that project teams can quickly be assembled and provided access to all key project related documents. KC HR supports this vision through its simple and intuitive ability for HR staff (without IT involvement) to create their own dynamic project team rooms. Once created staff can be assigned and approved documents are securely made available, for review, edit and final approval.

To discover how KC HR can help your organisation cost effectively bring control and efficiency to the handling of HR documents, contact us today for a free demonstration.

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