KC Online i2 Cloud and OnPremise Solution

Identify, Investigate, Predict, Prevent and Disrupt Fraudulent Activities

Knowledge Capture® Online (KC Online) i2 Investigation and Discovery module easily identifies networks, patterns and trends from complex data sources delivering the right information, connecting the dots to help prevent and track criminal activity. The KC Online Investigation and Discovery application uses investigative analysis to collect, discover and disseminate actionable intelligence that can help identify, investigate, predict, prevent and disrupt fraudulent activities.

KC Online Investigation and Discovery

The KC Online i2 in the Cloud Includes the following Software Applications

Collaboratively Connecting the Dots, Bringing Clarity to Complex Investigations

KC Online, powered by i2 and provided as a Cloud or OnPremise solution, is designed to cost effectively bring clarity to complex investigations, enabling analysts, investigators, and operational teams to search large volumes of data to uncover fraud, connections, patterns and relationships hidden within large amounts of data.

The KC Online i2 application enables teams to work collaboratively, capturing, consolidating and providing information and decisions in real-time, sharing intelligence and reports whenever and wherever they are needed. KC Online's i2 stores data in the KC Online analysis repository, where secure data access to the repository is controlled through a need-to-know and need-to share basis.

i2 Intelligence Analysis with Advanced Case Management

Having predicted and identified criminal, terrorist or fraudulent activities, KC Online i2 enables the automatic creation of investigation 'cases' through the inclusion of KC Online Advanced Case Manager (ACM) applications.

Leveraging the seamless integration of i2 with KC Online ACM, fraud cases are automatically created and assigned to the relevant teams and agents in order to investigate the evidence and, where appropriate, work through a pre-defined workflow and checklist of investigation tasks and actions.

The KC Online ACM application ensures that all case-related information, whether this be i2 evidence or supporting information such as Office documents, emails, scanned images and video, is securely, centrally stored and managed, providing a chain of custody of all captured information. ACM automatically captures and securely stores all documents within each case, and keeps a full audit history log from a document being added, to a user viewing the document, through to the dates, times and user names of each checklist action.

Integrating with your Existing Enterprise Infrastructure

The KC Online i2 solution can integrate into existing enterprise infrastructure to facilitate and support information gathering, collaboration, and privacy in a 'one-stop-shop' environment for intelligence sharing. The KC Online i2 platform provides a flexible data-centric model optimized for multidimensional data analysis, which is a key requirement for collaborative working environments.

KC Online i2 provides the following benefits:

  • Faster and more cost effective Fraud investigations

  • Efficient and transparent investigative process

  • Leveraging KC Online Advanced Case Management to prepare a digital electronic case of each person, company or subject of interest

  • Provides a chain of custody for of all captured digital information to assist with preparation of reports for prosecution

  • Management of investigation documents

Integration of Any Digital Information

Using KC Online SMC4 module, social media messages, emails, SMS texts, PC files and other digital information can all be captured, classified, structured and automatically exported for use within i2 to enhance investigations.

Cost Effective Intelligent Analysis

KC Online i2 application uniquely delivers the award winning power of IBM i2 based on a case effective per-user, per-month usage model. By utilizing i2 as a Cloud service, the previously cost prohibitive capital investment for an OnPremise Intelligence Fraud/Crime Analysis solution instantly becomes cost effective and business case justifiable.

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