KC Online Incident Management Cloud

Knowledge Capture® Online (KC Online) Incident Management Cloud enables businesses to capture incidents (such as theft in shops), via the KC Online intuitive mobile or web desktop application. Incidents are the captured and centralised in KC Online with all supporting information to enable investigation, reporting and management of each incident.

Incident Management - Capture and Management of Incidents Through to Resolution

Automatic Case Creation

The KC Online Incident Management Cloud features automatic case creation and workflow mechanisms to send the correct information to the correct person within the business. Once a case has been created, automatic email notifications will alert the business, enabling checklist driven case management to resolve cases.

This case creation is intuitively linked to the Incident Management module and information such as the date and time of the incident, people or products involved and location will be automatically populated within the case details. As this case progresses and further information becomes available, from multiple sources, it will be added automatically into the case. Case workers are also able to drag and drop various supporting documents into the case manually.

Multiple Checklists

Multiple checklists can be assigned to a single case, so that different areas of the business can work collaboratively to progress the case to resolution. Depending on the outcomes of various questions within the checklists, the case can be automatically routed to different parts of the business to ensure that all relevant information is gathered at the right times.

Features and Benefits of Incident Management and Analysis for Retail Organizations

  • Optimization of incidents and audit processes leveraging flexible, integrated, modern and scalable incident and case management technology

  • Reduce time spent searching and collecting data and spend more time analyzing by auto-populating data from different systems, correlate between audit reports and shrinkage, enable adhoc and cross system reporting

  • Enable modelling to pro-actively identify potential locations at risk, improve allocation of field resources and reduce the need for on-site audit visits for global, remote locations - move from reactive to predictive

  • Ability to manage in-store physical assets such as cameras, video systems, burglar systems, as well as corporate assets such as jewellery for photo shoots, etc.

  • Provides a flexible case framework to easily include all case types with the ability to provide cross case and case type analytics

  • Improve overall efficiency and effectiveness of the Asset Protection Operations team by associating all content related to an investigation connected to the case and automating sales audit and inventory correlations through data integration

  • Ability to manage many types of cases (Fraud, Asset Management and Audit) from a single framework

  • Predict areas of risk and spend more time analyzing rather than data gathering and 'swivel-chair integration'

  • Quickly identify data anomalies

  • Configure and customize investigation formats and flows using business rules

  • Extend report and analysis capabilities as needed without delay or costly development projects, including the ability to perform analytics across cases and case types

Mobile Integration

Incidents can happen when least expected, and with the ever increasing use of mobile and tablet devices within the workplace, being able to report Incidents using those devices is critical.

The KC Online Incident Management module supports both iOS and Android operating systems, with mobile apps integrated with the wider KC Online solution. Users can upload images taken on the devices, add in product details and locations to kick off the case creation process. The standard KC Online Advanced Case Management system can then send email notifications, alerting the relevant people within the business that an incident has happened. All information is shared collaboratively between devices, so agents can pick up the information wherever they are located.

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