Knowledge Capture Cloud and OnPremise Business Applications

Knowledge Capture® provides out of the box a ‘single solution’ that captures, receives, sends and delivers all inbound and outbound digital information, such as images, PC files, emails, social media, SMS texts, PDF, print, eForms and reports

Our powerful content management technology, provided OnPremise or in our Cloud ensures security and 24/7 access to your business information.

Knowledge Capture provides out of the box ready to use applications, new customers can be onboarded within 72 hours. Knowledge Capture users enjoy the benefits of feature rich business applications without any capital outlay, based on a low monthly subscription cost.

Knowledge Capture controls the life cycle  of content, including:

  • Image, eMail, Social Media and SMS Capture

  • Content Analytics and Content Sentiment automated indexing and workflow routing

  • Advance Case Management and Workflow

  • Content Life Cycle Control and Records Management

Knowledge Capture Applications provide ‘secure’ access to all business information from a single business client and directly from line of business applications, delivering a single secure sign-on for immediate access to all authorised business information.

KC Online FileNet Cloud

Utilising powerful workflow technology, our business applications will align to your specific business processes. By automating information capture and previously manual oriented tasks, the overall time taken to process information will be speeded up, streamlining your organization and increasing staff efficiency.

Our pre-built applications will meet the requirements of both specific industry and generic, cross-industry processes.


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