Knowledge Capture Market Affiliates

If you are already active in the Social Media market and have clients who need help to capture, control and ensure they are compliant for their social media communications, you can generate significant revenue through an SMC4 partnership.

If you are an agency or consultancy and have clients who utilise Social Media to extend their reach, we will work with you to position SMC4 as a compliant capture, control and communication solution.

We will provide skilled resources who can demonstrate, install, configure and support the SMC4 software to provide an end to end solution for your clients.

Becoming a Knowledge Capture Partner will open new and exciting opportunities in a rapidly expanding market that will continue to grow. To find out how you can become part of the Cloud / SaaS revolution and discuss the Knowledge Capture Partner Programme in more detail, simply click here to contact us.

Knowledge Capture has forged close alliances with a network of strategic partners worldwide. These partnerships enable us to work with the industry's top companies to deliver industry leading Cloud technologies for capture, communication, compliance and control solutions.

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