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KC Online Complaints Management

How to Manage Customer Complaints with Knowledge Capture Online and Case Management

One of the major challenges within companies is how to capture complaints from emails, social media conversations, SMS texts as well as images and other documents, enabling a integrated end to end complaints capture and response platform. This demo shows how this is achieved leveraging Knowledge Capture Online.

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KC Online Banking Fraud

Banking, Finance and Investment Industry - Letter of Credit Risk Management - Fraud and Risk Control

Trading with Government identified blacklisted companies can result in major commercial penalties for Companies, worst case Governments can close down companies that breach black-listings. Leveraging Knowledge Capture Online and Content Analytics, KC Online analyses Blacklist Registers against incoming banking and finance transactions, such as Letter of Credit reviews, POS systems, etc, ensuring requested transactions from blacklisted individuals and companies are stopped from processing. This video shows how we are controlling the Letter of Credit processes.

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KC Online Counterfeit Solution

Manufacturing - Counterfeit Control

There is a major issue on how to control and resolve the growing level of counterfeiting of products. This Knowledge Capture Online Youtube demo shows how we capture and control information regarding counterfeited products and cases, enabling companies to build a counterfeit case and profile to take long term counterfeit measures.

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KC Online Incident Management Solution

Incident Management - Capture and Management of Incidents Through to Resolution

People steal from shops, leaving evidence such as bar-codes pulled from clothes, using stolen credit cards etc. This YouTube video demonstrates how customers are able to capture incidents of theft from any store location, creating central head office incident cases, collecting the supporting information and evidence and to enable the investigation and resolution of incident cases, linking members of the organization and authorised 3rd parties.

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KC Online Knowledge Management Solution

'Self Service' Call Centre - Reduce and Removing Call Centre and Help-desk Staffing Costs

Companies do not have the tools or Call Centre staff to reply to customers that are communicating with them via social, email and SMS. This FileNet YouTube video demonstrates how people communicate with a Company via email, social media, SMS and receive real time automatic responses leveraging the IBM FileNet and Content Analytics response tools, guiding the customers to Knowledge Articles to help resolve their issues, automatically and efficiently.

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KC Demonstration - FileNet Cloud Case Foundation


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